Bozeman Dispensary

Skywalker OG

PriceFrom $6.00

Total Cannabinoids: 23.61%

THC: 19.45%

CBD: 0.05%

85% Indica

15% Sativa

Skywalker OG is the perfect Indica strain with a balance of all the things that you might expect from an Indica cannabis plant.

This strain gives the user a feeling of floating in the air when smoked. It will also help you transported from your home directly into space.

People who smoke this strain regularly, feel the relaxation and happiness are the two biggest effects of this strain. Within seconds of the first drag, you will feel your body filling with euphoria.

As this is an Indica strain, it does make you couch-locked. So, it would be the best idea to smoke it before you go to bed.

Mood enhancement and upliftment are two additional effects that you get from smoking this cannabis. This is a powerful strain and should be tried by everyone.