Bozeman Dispensary

Montana Silvertip

PriceFrom $6.00

Total Cannabinoids: 18.63%

THC: 15.98%

CBD: 0%

70% Indica

30% Sativa

Montana Silvertip will start its high by making you feel relaxed from head to toe, with a tingling sensation being the norm. This bud can allow you to put behind you anything that has been wearing down or is holding you back, and will induce a more soothed state, that you can maintain for the rest of the day.

This sativa dominant hybrid can also make you feel happier and more joyous, as your good mood will be quite obvious and difficult to undermine. Montana Silvertip will make you feel high and uplifted, and your mood will be soaring for hours and hours even after its effects begin to fade, leaving you elated.

Montana Silvertip is also very practical for those who are set on being creative, as it can allow them to feel inspired, reaping more original ideas. This plant can also help you stay focused for longer, making you reach your productive work peak quite easily, and allowing you to produce your best work yet.